Flat Roof Drain Installation Kits

Pick and choose which packs will help you complete your roof drain installation project FAST, EASY and Economically. As a plumbing contractor, these are the most common parts we use in our roof drain installations. They are offered for your convenience in easy to buy "packs" or kits or you can purchase them separately

All flat roof drain installation kits are bundled together for shipping which can SAVE up to 75% 

Cast Iron Fittings
add a cast iron fittings to your order
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ABS fittings
add ABS drainage fittings and accessories to you order
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Roof Drain Installation Kits
includes sump pans, roof drains, hardware kits and no-hub couplings
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Superior Grade No-Hub Couplings
Use these when you want to join cast iron to plastic pipe or fittings
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State of The Art Laser Sump Pan Fabrication - Your Guarantee of Quality

  • These superior quality custom roof sump pans are fabricated and assembled on modern laser cutting machines. This results in clean lines and perfect dimensions every time. This eliminates down time on the job due to mismatched parts.  
  • CONTRACTORS: Don’t waste valuable production time building cumbersome and time consuming wood sump boxes. Using this roof drain installation system will increase your production by 4 x.