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Why Do Construction Professionals Choose A Custom Roof Drain Sump Pan?

Each roof drain sump pan will: 

  • SAVE property owners/managers tens of thousands of dollars on flat roof repairs.
  • Dramatically improve your roof drain performance 
  • For contractors and builders, they will increase production while reducing labor costs!
  • Protect your roof warranty!
Flat Roof Drain Installation. Plumber sumping a 15" flat roof drain using model LSP roof drain sump pan standard version

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Which Major Roofing Material Manufacturer Recommends Using Roof Drain Sump Pans?

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Here are the main products 

  1. Model SSP
  2. Model SCP
  3. Model LSP 
  4. Model SCPM
  5. Model LCP

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list of benefits

* Designed to accept a single roof drain or a roof drain with overflow

* Designed to accept several different roof drain brands. No other sump pan on the market does that

* Incorporates the sump feature into the pan design. This eliminates the need to build a separate wood sump box

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PERFORMANCE you can count on

Each roof drain sump pan will DRAMATICALLY improve your flat roof drains performance as it will draw the rainwater into the roof drain assembly and off the flat roof.

  • Fast and EASY to install by the novice and pro
  • Is used on new construction and retrofit work. 
  • They will sump the single roof drain or the combination roof drain and overflow in bottom or side outlet configurations. 


These superior grade products are produced on modern laser fabrication machines resulting in perfect fitment every time. There is no lost production time due to mismatched parts and poor quality or having to cut and weld any of the components on the jobsite.  

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • laser fabricated for precision
  • NOTE: You will not find these features in a sump receiver, bearing pan or any other standard drain pan.

VERSATILITY – Our built in feature

Custom Roof Drain Pans Company produces the only sump pans engineered for primary and the combination roof drain and overflows (double unit) and they accept several roof drain brands. This provides a wider range of choices for the end users.  

This is a standardized flat roof drainage system that will fit the entire assembly between joists that are 16″ or 24″ on center with NO MODICATIONS NEEDED!!  

Further, the integrated sump feature is incorporated into each unit thereby eliminating the need to build a labor intensive wood sump box which has been the industry standard. THIS A MAJOR TIME SAVER and very effectively reduces installation costs and boosts jobsite production! Perfect for contractors and builders.

Each sump pan will accept multiple roof drains from different manufacturers without modification to any of the materials or the roof structure.  This feature increases production on any construction project and provides more choices to the flat roof drainage system designer. The plumbing products manufacturers used are Zurn Mfg. Co. Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. and Frank Pattern Co./LSP Products.

They can used on new construction projects and are particularly adapted to retrofit applications and can be installed FAST and EASY by a novice installer or a seasoned pro.  No matter what type of roof you are working on: wood frame, metal or concrete, they are easily adaptable and will get the job done. 

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