These Custom Fabricated, Superior Grade Roof Drain Sump Pans Make Standing Rainwater Disappear Like

Roof drain sump pans make your flat roof drains the lowest point on the flat roof and create “positive” drainage. Positive drainage is VITAL when installing any roof drain. Without it, you have large pools of standing rainwater.

Further, they are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your flat roof from damage and they help to stop EXPENSIVE roof repairs. They are FAST and EASY to install. 

Your flat roof drains are the weakest link in your flat roof drainage system so buy the best and use this superior grade rood drainage system that will give you years of trouble FREE service. 

See what our have to say!

  • The sump pan kits are a complete, FAST and EASY ready-to-install roof drain installation system.
  • Buy the kit and SAVE or buy your roof drains locally and SAVE on shipping! 
  • You can sump your roof drain in record time and ELIMINATE standing rainwater on your flat roof

Here Are Some Terrific Benefits When Using Roof Drain Sump Pans


Engineers reviewing plans for the roof drain installation process

Increase Production/Reduce Labor Costs

  • You can expect to 4x (in some cases more) your roof drain installations per hour/day. 
  • This means cutting labor costs by 4x 


Lower construction costs/fewer repairs

  • Faster production and reduced labor = lower construction costs  
  • Prevent standing rainwater and SAVE THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS on current and future flat roof repair 

Property Owners/Managers

Roof damage due to inadequate flat roof drainage

Prevent Roof Damage & Reduce Roof Repairs

  • Standing rainwater can destroy a flat roof.
  • By using a roof drain sump pan, you can potentially save millions in unnecessary roof repair costs and replacement.   
  • Protect your roof warranty. Roof manufacturers may deny your warranty for excessive standing rainwater. 

Insurance Companies

A flat roof that caved in from the weight of the standing rainwater.

Minimize Risk & Prevent Property Damage

  • Roof drain sump pans eliminate the potential of a catastrophic roof collapse by removing excessive buildup of standing rainwater on a flat roof.   
  • Eliminating roof collapse will minimize the risk of personal injury situations. 
  • Protect your roof warranty. Roof manufacturers may deny your warranty for excessive standing rainwater. 

Which Major Roofing Material Manufacturer Recommends Using Roof Drain Sump Pans?

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