Each Roof Drain Pan will "sump" your roof drains two inches lower than the roof FAST and EASY!

Standing Rainwater Is The #1 Cause For Flat Roof Damage And Expensive Flat Roof Repairs...

Each roof drain pan is engineered to resolve standing rainwater issues on a residential flat roof or commercial flat roofs and save property owners tens of thousands of dollars in often unnecessary flat roof repairs!  


They eliminate the need to build labor intensive wood sump boxes on the jobsite, a major plus for contractors and builders involved in flat roof work..   

VERSATILITY…For your convenience, the flat roof drain sump pans are custom fabricated to accept roof drains from different brands without any modifications.  Those brands are Frank Pattern (LSP products), Zurn Mfg. Jay R. Smith Mfg. and Josam Mfg.

Do You Need To Lower Your Roof Drain?
This is one of the most common causes for standing rain water on flat roofs across the entire industry
Here's The Solution...Fast & Easy
Model LSP Roof Drain Kit
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Fully "sumped" 15" Combination Roof Drains
-Model LCP drain kit - bolt together roof drainage system is installed FASTl
Does Your Flat Roof Look Like This?
Don't be the effect of this situation when there's a simple solution
Combination drain sumped in minutes!
Model SCP roof drain kit. ON SALE -
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Sumps The 8-1/2" Roof Drain in Minutes
-Model SSP pan kit- -ON SALE!

SAVE TIME - SAVE MONEY - Super FAST Installation

THE INTEGRAL SUMP FEATURE…What is it and why is it useful?

These roof drain pans are uniquely designed to lower your roof drains quickly and easily. This is due to our patented sump feature that is engineered into each roof drain sump pan. They are extremely effective and eliminate the many issues related to excessive standing rainwater, not the least of which is expensive flat roof repairs. See the blog below. 

Consequently, Sump receivers and other roof drain pans that are normally sold with cast iron roof drains DO NOT have this capability. They can leave the roof drain higher than the flat roof surface causing “ponding” issues.  

A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO SUMPING ROOF DRAINS…How does this superior grade, yet simple to install, roof drainage system pay for itself?

Using these superior quality products routinely result in SAVING THOUSANDS or TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars (or more) on unnecessary and preventable flat roof repair or replacement . For large and expensive properties, this figure could perhaps reach into the millions over the life of the property. See the blog articles in the next section for more info.

Find Out More About Roof Drain Pan Benefits...

Model SSP

sump pan kits
$ 105
  • 5% OFF of the 2, 3, 4,and 5 pack kits
  • 10% OFF of the 6, 7, 8 and 9 pack kits
  • 15% OFF on a 10 pack or more.

Model LCP

sump pan and roof drain
$ 649
  • 5% OFF of the 2, 3, 4,and 5 pack kits
  • 10% OFF of the 6, 7, 8 and 9 pack kits
  • 15% OFF on 10 pack or more.

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