A Superior Flat Roof Drain Pan - Preferred By Industry Pro's

Superior Quality In A Flat Roof Drain Pan

laser machine cutting roof drain pans

Each flat roof drain pan is produced using a state-of-the-art modern laser fabrication method which results in superior quality construction and perfect fitment on every project. 

Unlike some sump pan products, the angles, holes and all dimensions are perfect. Never any jobsite downtime due to mismatched or poorly fabricated parts. 

Superior Performance

Contractors, architects and engineers use the flat roof drain pans as they produce a dramatic improvement in flat roof drain performance due to the patented sump feature. They also increase production and reduce labor costs as they eliminate the need to build labor intensive wood sump boxes.   

Property managers, developers and builders and facility managers use them to eliminate standing rainwater issues and the resulting expensive roof repairs.  

Our love using their flat roof drain pan

A Flat Roof Drain Pan Will Make Your Flat Roof Look This Good!

Positive Drainage

The Most Important Drain Factor You Need To Know

standing rainwater on a flat roof

The entire subject of flat roof drainage comes down to a simple datum: positive drainage. Without it you have large pools of standing rainwater on your flat roof and all of the problems that condition causes. And if yo are visiting this website, you will some reality on how expensive this can be. But what does this mean and why is it important.

Flat roof drainage problems are the #1 issue for flat roofs.   LEARN MORE

Sump Pan Benefits

Here are some awesome benefits you can expect

Roof damage due to inadequate flat roof drainage
  • Eliminate or minimize current and future flat roof repairs. 
  • Increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs. 
  • Reduce construction costs.
  • Install more roof drains per hour, up to 4x. 
  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce future roof repairs related to standing rainwater damage. 
  • Protect your roof warranty.  
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We Have Excellent Tech Support Staff Ready To Answer Your Questions

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