These Custom Laser Fabricated, Ready-To-Install Roof Drain/Sump Pan Kits Will TOTALLY TRANSFORM Your Flat Roof

CONSTRUCTON PRO'S: Provide your clients with superior grade sump pans that will prevent water damage and expensive repair to their flat roofs

The #1 cause of standing rainwater is roof drains that are too high on the flat roof

(or no roof drains at all)

These roof drain pans resolve those problems FAST, EASY and Permanently

Here are just a few of the many benefits our customers enjoy

Which Industry Professionals Use These Products?

Contractors - Architects - Engineers - Project Managers - Builders - Facility Managers

Our valued customers love using their flat roof drain pan


Custom Roof Drain Sump Pan Products

Let's Get to select your products

  1. You can buy individual sump pans or buy complete kits that are ready to install.   
  2. If your joists are 16″ on center and at least 15″ of vertical clearance, use SSP and SCP sump pans and related drains.
  3. If your joists are 24″ on center (minimum) and at least 15″ of vertical clearance, use LSP or LCP sump pans and related drains.
  4. If you have limited vertical space, use a side outlet roof drain.
  5. If you want more installation tech, please visit our “How to install a roof drain” page 

Model LSP Sump Pan and 15" Roof Drain

Model SSP Sump Pan and 8-1/2" Roof Drain

Model LCP Sump Pan and 15" Combination Roof Drain

Model SCP Sump Pan & 8-1/2" Combination Roof Drain

Jay R. Smith 1340 roof drain and overflow- SCPM sump pan

  • lowers or “sumps” a primary and overflow, side outlet, threaded roof drains 
  • ON SALE save 10%

Jay R. Smith 1340 roof drain - SSP sump pan

  • lowers or “sumps” a single side outlet, threaded roof drain. 
  • ON SALE save 10%


accepting advanced orders

Frank Pattern Sump Receiver

Fits the Frank Pattern single roof drains
$ 69
  • SAVE up to 75% on shipping
NEW !!

LSP Sump Pan 6 Piece Kit

  • SAVE $100.00  on the kit and up to 75% on bundled shipping

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    • Bundled shipping can save up to 95% in some cases

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How To Install A Roof Drain

  1. Here are 8 basic steps for installing a roof drain. used by a professional plumber.
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