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Our roof drain sump pans were developed by Jim Seitzinger, a licensed  plumbing contractor in Southern California. 

Early in his contracting career, it became apparent that there was no easy way to lower or “sump”, as it is referred to in the industry, roof drains. While most plumbing products are pre-fabicated, such as water heaters, faucets, toilets etc, there were no prefabricated sump pans.  

That’s where it started, recognizing that a technology was missing.  Then the work began to resolve the issue.

His custom sheet metal sump pan designs are the result of continual trial and error.  The focus was always “What works in the field”?  It may look good on paper but that’s not good enough.  

The sump pans were continually tested over several years. We always went back to the people who would actually be using them.  We relied on the “end users” for continued feedback.  This included all strata of the construction industry such as contractors, building owners, architects etc.

Flat Roof Drainage: An All Too Common Problem

standing rainwater on a flat roof

Flat roofs, where heavy standing rainwater accumulates, presents a very serious threat. In severe cases the flat roof can collapse causing injury and extensive property damage. In less serious cases the roof covering can be destroyed causing premature and VERY expensive replacement. In many cases, the situation could have been avoided by having a workable and correct flat roof drainage system in place. . 

The Uniform Plumbing Code addresses this very important subject with an entire chapter devoted to just this subject.  

Existing Technology Was Inadequate Or  Non-Existent...

A common cause of standing pools of rain water on flat roofs is roof drains that sit too high on the roof deck and do not allow rainwater to flow into the roof drain.  

Mr. Seitzinger extensively investigated the marketplace. It was found that there was no standard technology in existence to sump a roof drain.

The industry standard that had been used by the roofing industry has been to build wooden drain boxes on the jobsite.

A sump “box” is cumbersome,  expensive and time-consuming to build and all too often will fail for a variety of reasons.  



The answer to these problems are available here on our website.  Jim’s products represent an entirely new product line in the construction industry, and it’s now available for your use.

The design and development of these products is the result of hard work and persistence. Roof Drain Pans Co typifies “American Ingenuity”:  finding a new and better way to accomplish something.  American inventiveness and creativity are still hard at work.  As such the US Patent office has granted Roof drain Pans Co a US patent.  These products are  protected under U.S. patent no. US 7,946,087 B1.

Using SSP roof drain sump pan to sump an 8-1/2" roof drain on a TPO roof.

Mr. Seitzinger is very involved in the plumbing industry and is available to answer any questions on these products or the installation process.  We encourage you to share your success stories that you may have as a result of using our  products.  Mr. Seitzinger can be reached at the numbers listed.

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