Here Some Of The Terrific Benefits When Using A Custom Roof Drain Pan

What exactly can a custom roof drain sump pan do that other sump pans can't? Plenty!

Excessive roof damage due to inadequate flat roof drainage

Using a custom roof drain sump pan on your next roof drain installation project is the cheapest insurance you can get to protect your flat roof from damage. This low tech but vital roof drain accessory can literally prevent a roof collapse under the weight of excessive standing rainwater and minimize flat roof repairs over the life of the property.

These two factors alone save property owners millions of dollars each year that would otherwise be spent maintain the property.  See the image shown below.

Jay R. Smith roof drain with a sump receiver and plastic dome
flat roof, standing rainwater

The roof drain sump receiver

is not engineered to lower the roof drain and can create pools of standing rainwateron your flat roof. There are exceptions to this rule and these can be read about in this other blog.  OTHER METHODS TO SUMP A ROOF DRAIN 

Roof Drain Pan Benefits


Use a roof drain pan to lower your existing or new roof drains and eliminate or minimize current and future flat roof repairs. 

    • The only non-proprietary roof drain sump pans on the market as they accept more than one roof drain brand.
    • The sump pan models accept primary and overflow roof drains
    • Eliminate the need to build labor intensive and expensive wood sump boxes. A MAJOR time saver for contractors and builders.
    • Provides a FAST and EASY flat roof drainage system for lowering  your roof drains.
    • Increase jobsite production 4x and reduce labor costs.  
    • Eliminate or dramatically reduce future roof repairs related to standing rainwater damage. 
    • Add sheet lead to the assembly to comply with code.
    • They can be used for new construction or retrofit applications! 
    • Protect your roof warranty.  
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