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  • When it comes to flat roof drain installation, ALL TECH Plumbing are the “go to guys” in So Calif, USA.
  • We have been serving Southern California property managers, contractors and homeowners with professional roof drain installation services for the past 25 years.

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Model LCP roof drain sump pan is designed to lower or sump a 15" combination roof drain and overflow

New Flat Roof Drain Installations

We install new roof drains in the low spots on the roof whether primary or overflow roof drains. Having a skilled and experienced plumbing contractor handle the work is key to a successful project.

Flat Roof Drain Installation. Plumber sumping a 15" flat roof drain using model LSP roof drain sump pan standard version

replace existing roof drains

Sometimes existing roof drains need to be replaced or upgraded. We use state of the art materials and methods resulting in a quality installation.

drain cleaning a roof drain pipe

Roof drain pipe cleaning

Having dirty or clogged roof drain pipes can nullify the benefit of having roof drains. Unlike other types of drains, roof drains are exposed to the elements all of the time. In extreme cases, clogged roof drains can cause a roof to cave in.

Sewer and drain video camera allows you to see where the defect in your underground pipe is located.

video camera pipe inspection

We can see what the drainage issue is without tearing up the property to find out! SAVES MONEY!

Roof drain testing, inspection & certification

Often times an inspection of the storm or roof drainage system is needed prior to to a roofing project. This applies to a post construction also. A certification is required showing the before and after conditions. This will generally include several methods such as video inspections, water flow testing and pressure testing.

ground penetrating radar

coring /scanning

When roof drains pass through walls that are concrete, cinderblock or brick, holes must be cored in order to allow for the roof drains to pass through to the outside of the building. All Tech Plumbing provides this service. Concrete scanning checks for embedded items electronically. This avoids cutting important structural items or electrical conduit. This service is done by our subcontractors.

ground penetrating radar


Customer Testimonial

Quality Workmanship and Customer Care Never Go Out Of Style

This flat roof drain installation project was done in Southern California, USA. 

The roof drains were higher than the surrounding flat roof which was causing excessive ponding. Extensive property damage had been occuring. 

Adding new “sumped” roof drains resolved the problems. The savings in terms of cost of future repairs would range in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

ALL TECH Plumbing has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.  

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Roof Drains Too High

The combination roof drains would not drain the rainwater

Project 01 Florida,USA

Model SCP was used to sump the roof drains

Flat Roof Drain Too High

This roof drain was sitting just higher than the flat roof and caused ponding

project 02 Newport Beach,CA

Using model SSP sump pan resulted in avery successful flat roof drain installation project.
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Roof drain too high!

This roof drain was sitting so high it wouldn't drain the rainwater

project 03 Moreno Valley,CA

Installing model LSP sump pan and a 15" roof drain handled the problem
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project 04

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