SSP Roof Drain Sump Pan

How Does SSP roof drain sump pan compare to a similar product?

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JR Smith roof drain, roof drain detail, commercial roof drain
The JR Smith roof drain and sump receiver

The main difference:

SSP roof drain sump pan is 100% engineered to eliminate standing rainwater on your flat roof. It is uniquely designed to lower your roof drain 2″ below the roof surface which effectively makes it the lowest point on the flat roof.  Gravity then pushes the water into the roof drain and is conveyed to a terminal location. 

Whereas, the deck plate, sump receiver or whatever it is referred to as, does not sump the roof drain. It is not designed that way. 

Let’s compare labor requirements: 

Using SSP roof drain sump pan is ONE task.

  1. Attaching the roof drain
  2. setting it in place. 
  3. Assembly and installation is about five minutes 

Using a sump receiver, you have TWO labor and material intensive steps:

  1. First, you must build a clumsy, labor intensive wood sump box. (45 minutes to 1 hour)
  2. Once complete, you will need to make the sump receiver (metal plate) and the roof drain fit into the wood box. This usually involves cutting down all four sides of the plate.  (10 minutes)

Conclusion: doing the math, even if you added five more minutes to SSP pan, you would have 10 minutes vs. one hour. You can install six SSP roof drain sump pans and roof drains in the time it takes to install one metal plate. That’s six times the production for contractors and builders! 

Let’s compare material requirements:

SSP roof drain sump pan components are:

  1. the prefabricated sump pan in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  2. the roof drain (bottom or side outlet)
  3. hardware kit.
  4. Cost $175.00 with bottom outlet and $195.00 with a side outlet (Model SSP, March/2021)

The roof drain used is one of the most economically priced drains.

The components of a wood sump box are: 

  1. roof drain (bottom outlet only. A separate deck plate is required for side outlet)
  2. deck plate
  3. hardware
  4. 2 x4x10″ studs
  5. 4×8 sheet of plywood
  6. nails
  7. screws
  8. cant strips
  9. lead sheeting
  10. Estimated cost – $250.00

So how does this total out?…

SSP roof drain and sump pan kit:

  • Current pricing is $210.00 – $225.00 parts (for side outlet) + shipping, per unit

Sump receiver and wood box:

  • $250.00 parts and about $100.00 labor (at $100.00 per hour) for a total of $350.00 + shipping per unit. This goes higher when wood products are not available.  
Building larger wood boxes for single and double 15″ roof drains will increase these costs substantially along with side outlet roof drains and special side outlet sump pans.  

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SSP roof drain sump pan - FAST and EASY To Install

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