Superior Quality Laser Fabrication Results In Perfect Fitment.


Model LSP roof drain sump pan is perfectly matched to the 15" Zurn roof drain and the Jay R. Smith roof drain. What other roof drain pan has that capability?

  • The roof drain assembly fits between joists that are 24″ on center, NO MODIFICATIONS to the pan, drains or roof
  • Cut the hole and drop it in. This roof drain system eliminates the need to build wood sump boxes.
  • This can SAVE 1 hour or more per drain in installation time!

Increase production and reduce labor costs on every roof drain installed!

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When should you use the LSP sump pan?

Use LSP roof drain pan when you are working on a roof drain installation project with a large surface area such as commercial, industrial, institutional applications or...

  • When your blueprints, specs or roof drain detail call for the use of 15″ single commercial roof drains, use LSP sump pan.  
  • You must have approx 13″ of vertical clearance between the roof and ceiling. See the sketch 
  • Also, your roof joists must be a minimum of 24″ on center with 22″ of clear horizontal space between the joists. 

Looking for installation info? Visit our  HOW TO INSTALL A ROOF DRAIN PAGE

Here are examples of commercial projects

Contractors WILL increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs! NO NEED to build wood sump boxes!

See model LSP Roof Drain Pan in action. Installation is Fast and Easy for the pro and the novice.

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Specialty No-Hub Coupling

Upgrade to this coupling if you will transition from cast iron to plastic piping or fittings such as ABS or PVC

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Looking for technical info?

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