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When should you use LSP roof rain pan ?

Use LSP roof drain pan when you are working on a project with a large surface area. This would include commercial, industrial, institutional applications.

  • When you want to use the 15″ single roof drain.  
  • When you have approx 13″ of vertical clearance between the roof and ceiling, if there is one.
  • When your roof joists are 24″ on center and you have 22″ of clear horizontal space. 
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roof drain pan detail-large side outlet roof drain
side outlet
roof drain pan detail - space requirements for the Frank Pattern roof drain
bottom outlet

LSP Roof drain pan is ideally suited to commercial and industrial applications

bottom outlet style
When complete
Water proofing complete

LSP Roof Drain Pan Description

  • A superior grade, versatile roof drain sump pan that is designed to “sump”, or lower the large single roof drain and make standing rainwater disappear forever on your flat roof.
  • It is fabricated from stout 18 gauge galvanized steel on modern laser fabrication machines. This results in a superior grade product that results in perfect fitment, every time.
  • The sump pan’s dimensions are 30.5″ L x 30.5″ W
  • The sump dimensions are 19.18″ x 19.18″ x 2.6″ deep sump.
  • The flange dimensions are 6.0″ on each side

The Zurn Z-100 Roof Drain Fits This Sump Pan

Zurn Z100 primary cast iron roof drain
Flat roof drain detail for the Zurn roof drain
roof drain detail
  • Zurn Z100 bottom outlet roof drain fits this pan. 
  • It has a 15″ diameter bowl and is available in 2″- 8″ bottom outlet pipe sizes in a no-hub and threaded connections.  
  • Each roof drain has a cast iron membrane clamp (flashing ring) which compresses to make a water tight seal
  • Each roof drain has a dome or leaf grate that prevents debris from entering the roof drain. It twist locks into the membrane clamp. It is 5-1/2″ high. 

Roof Drain Pan LSP is Fast and Easy to Install

Contractors increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs! NO NEED to build wood sump boxes!
  • If this assembly takes more than 15 minutes to install, then it’s too long. 
  • Building a wood “sump box” is laborious and ultimately expensive.
  • Having the prefabricated roof drain assembly ready to install takes the effort out of you roof drain installation project. 
  • Check out the video.

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Model LSP roof drain sump pan is designed to lower or sump a 15" cast Iron roof drain

LSP Sump Pan

Superior grade
$ 125
  • custom laser fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel
Model LSP superior grade custom roof drain pan-standard.custom roof drain pans

LSP Sump Pan Kit

100% cast iron
$ 300
  • Available in 2", 3" and 4" pipe size, bottom outlet

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Specialty no hub couplings
standard grade no-hub couplings

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