LSP Sump Pan Product Comparison

LSP roof drain pan vs. competitors

drain sump receiver

sump receiver

Cost breakdown

  • Competitors “sump receiver” is not designed to lower a roof drain
  • Internet pricing for the bottom outlet roof drain assembly ranges from $300.00 to $600.00 plus shipping
  • Once purchased, you will have to build a wood box. Add another $150.00 for labor and materials.  
Flat Roof Drain Installation. Plumber sumping a 15" flat roof drain using model LSP roof drain sump pan standard version

roof drain sump pan

  • Roof drain sump pan LSP is totally designed to lower the 15″ cast iron roof drain.  
  • Kit package is $300.00. SAVE hundreds!
  • No need to build a wood sump box! Saves about $200.00!
  • No roof modifications are required
  • Buy your roof drain locally and save shipping costs

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