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Jay R. Smith 1010 and 1020 roof drains and model LCP roof drain sump pan
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When Should You Use LSP Sump Pans?

Use LSP sump pan when you have a minimum of 22" of space between your joists or rafters and you have a large roof area to be drained

  • Typical installations would include retail stores, large warehouses, shopping malls, manufacturing and storage facilities, office buildings and government facilities.  
  • They can be used for new construction or retrofit applications with great success 
  • The photos below show a strip mall with retail stores.  
Contractors WILL increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs! These superior grade sump pans eliminate the labor and material intensive task of building wood sump boxes!

Please feel free to visit our projects page for more info

Get Product Info... LSP roof drain sump pan accepts 12" and 15" diameter roof drains. . Using a 12" roof drain can be a cost effective option to the 15" roof drain

Jay R. Smith 1010-15.25" roof drain

Jay R Smith 1010 Roof Drain

Jay R. Smith 1310-12" roof drain

Jay R. Smith 1330 Y-CR-CID roof drain

Zurn Z100-15" roof drain:

Zurn ZC 100 primary roof drain

Zurn Z121-12" roof drain

Zurn ZC 100 primary roof drain

LSP roof drain sump pan

Roof Drain Deck Plate

roof drain deck plate

Smith Universal Membrane Clamp

Jay R. Smith universal membrane clamp

Specialty No-Hub Coupling

specialty no hub coupling

We've assembled ready-to install kits for your convenience which includes the basic installation components

Order sump pans only or complete kits. Full kits include drains, pans, hardware and couplings. Please visit the shopping cart to place your order or browse the website for more info such as how to install your roof drains or compare the various products.

Here Is Some Installation Tech For You

Vertical Space Requirements


This is vitally important information for your installation process. This can also be found on the “how to install a roof drain” page

Looking For Roof Drain Installation Tech?

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  • Get the 8 steps that are needed to make a successful installation
  • These are the steps used by the pro’s that can save you time and money on your project!

What are the benefits of using this flat roof drainage system?

list of benefits
  • Protect your roof warranty…
  • Increase jobsite production…
  • These are just a few and you can see many more by clicking below

Need assistance with design, planning or debug of your project?

Designing a roof drainage system
    • our online consulting service can assist   
    • Upload your specs / plans / drawings / photos. We’ll review the documents and provide you with an estimate and set up an appt. for phone call
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