Frank Pattern Roof Drain

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $110.00.

    • Models are 852N which has a 2″ pipe size, 853N which has a 3″ pipe has a 3″ pipe size and  854N which has a 4″ pipe size.
    • All of the roof drain models have a no-hub connection and have 100% cast iron components

Model SSP Roof Drain Pan

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PIPE PITCH - Correctly sloping your roof drain pipe is VITAL 

  1. It is important to factor in the length of your pipe run from the roof drain to the final termination point.
  2. You should factor in 1/4″ per foot pitch on the piping if possible. In some cases, 1/8″ per foot slope may be acceptable. Refer to your plumbing code.
  3. Make sure there will be enough slope on the piping and that it will not be back pitched.
  4. If you plan on using this roof drain in a walkway, be advised that the dome will extend above the roof or deck surface.
A side outlet roof drain and it's related components

What Does The Membrane Clamp Do? 

  • It is intended to seal the roof as it attaches to the roof drain. It clamps the roof membrane to the roof drain body in three places. When cutback sealant is applied to the membrane prior to the clamping step, it will provide the necessary seal.  There are many You Tube videos that show this process. SEE AN EXAMPLE HERE
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