Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 Roof Drain – Sump Pan Kit

Reduced from $875.00 to $825.00

Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 Roof Drain Kit is ready to install. Just select your desired quantity from the list below.   

Your kit includes: 

  • Jay R. Smith 1010, 15″ roof drain
  • Jay R. Smith 1080, 15″ overflow roof drain
  • LCP custom roof drain sump pan
  • Upgrade to a specialty coupling is recommended if you will be using plastic drainage piping.

Included FREE with the kit:

  • Standard grade no-hub couplings
  • Hardware kits (one for each roof drain)
  • Up to $40.00 value
Pipe Size
Pipe Size
Pipe Size
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Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 Roof Drain and Sump Pan Kit

Custom fabricated to (lower) sump the Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 roof drains

Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 roof drain kit is specifically engineered to be FAST and EASY to install by either a novice installer or the seasoned professional. It was designed exactly that way!  You can accomplish in minutes what would have previously take hours to accomplish.

Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 Roof Drains

All of the components on your Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 roof drains are 100% cast iron including the dome or leaf grate. They are available in pipe sizes ranging from 2″ to 6″ pipe diameter for this kit but larger pipe sizes 8″ to 10″ are available via special order.

These quoted prices for these roof drains are with no-hub connections. Other connections are available via special order such as or threaded or caulked outlets.

Model LCP roof drain sump pan

LCP roof drain sump pan is fabricated on state-of-the-art laser cutting machinery which results in perfect fitment to your roof drains and to the flat roof EVERY TIME!  Model LCP roof drain sump pan accepts Zurn Z100 roof drain and overflow as described above. 

The outside roof drain pan dimensions are 48″ x 32″ with a 2-1/2″ sump. It fits seamlessly between roof joists that are 24″ on center or more without modification to the structure. A brace midway is recommended for additional support.

This superior grade roof drain sump pan is fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel and is available in stainless steel and aluminum via special order.

With LCP roof drain sump pan, AN UNDER DECK CLAMP IS NOT REQUIRED which is used to anchor system the components to the roof. The metal pan is screwed directly into the roof joists in about 10 different spots. Further, both roof drains are securely bolted to the sump pan with eight bolts. This combination securely anchors the roof drain assembly to the roof. This can save up $75.00 or more plus the time needed to install it.

Jay R. Smith 1010/1080 roof drains and sump pan is best suited to commercial and industrial projects where large surface areas will be served. It works perfectly on new construction projects and is particularly suited to accommodate retrofit work or replacing or upgrading existing roof drains. The unique design allows it to be used on nearly any roof whether wood framed, metal or concrete roofs provided the joist spacing is correct. . 


Model LCP will soon be capable of accepting side outlet roof drains via a special adapter

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JR Smith 1010 Roof Drain / LSP Sump Pan Kit

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2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch


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