JR Smith 1340 Roof Drain | Sump Receiver Kit – 8-1/2″


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When To Use The JR Smith 1340 Roof Drain Sump Receiver Kit

  1. When you have limited space between the roof and ceiling
  2. When the roof drain will not be accessible after installed, such as above a hard lid (drywall or plaster ceiling) etc.

How To Select Your Products

Roof Drain

  1. Select your roof drain pipe size and select your quantity from the drop down list. It is 100% cast iron construction.

Drain Pans 

Sump receiver and underdeck clamp, should be purchased together.

  1. Use the sump receiver and underdeck clamp when you would like to anchor the assembly to the deck from below the drain.
  2. Select your desired quantity. There is one each per roof drain.



Choose Your Adapters For The JR Smith 1340 Roof drain 

Galvanized steel adapter

    1. Select the 1340 adapter if you are installing cast iron pipe and fittings.
    2. The adapter will transition from threaded to no-hub connection which will then accept the cast iron parts. It is schedule 40.

Plastic roof drain adapters

    1. If you are using ABS or PVC schedule 40 plastic piping and fittings, select the ABS or PVC male adapter from the drop down list above  To install, apply pipe joint compound to the adapter simply screw it into the roof drain outlet. Be sure to use the proper manufacturer recommended glue at each joint. Continue to install your pipe, fittings and hangers or supports per local plumbing codes.
  1. Specialty No Hub Couplings

  2. This coupling is designed to transition from cast iron to plastic pipe such as ABS and PVC.

Here Are Some Useful Roof Drain Installation Tips

  1. The sump receiver does not lower your roof drain below the deck and may cause it to sit slightly higher. This is not a problem if the roofing is sufficiently thick, as in the case of an insulated roof. (or 1″ or more). If not, you run the risk of causing heavy ponding rainwater.
  2. Pressure test and flow test the entire installation for at least 15 minutes after installation.
  3. If your roof isn’t thick enough. use a sump pan.  SEE HERE
  4. To get more information on the full installation procedure visit the “HOW TO INSTALL A ROOF DRAIN” page
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