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JR Smith 148 Roof Drain & Overflow / SCP Sump Pan Kit

This kit is used on residential and light commercial projects. It is easily adapted for retrofit applications or new construction projects. It is used on all of the common roof types whether wood, concrete or metal.

JR Smith 148 Roof Drain & Overflow / SCP Sump Pan Kit includes the main components needed to install and sump an 8-1/2″ cast iron combination roof drain in record time. Using this sump pan eliminates the need to build labor intensive wood sump boxes which is “old school technology”.

Also, some common installation applications are commercial, industrial, institutional buildings etc. As such, any structure with a large roof surface area would require this roof drain.

SCP Roof Drain Sump Pan 

    • SCP roof drain sump pan is an industry FIRST as it accepts different roof drain brands, something no other sump pan does!
    • It will fit between joists that are 16″ on center, no modifications required.
    • They are fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel.
    • They are available in stainless steel, aluminum and various gauge material. (special order)
    • The sump pan dimensions are 34.5″ L x 26″ W x 2″ D.
    • The patented design incorporates the integral sump feature.
    • An underdeck clamp is not required but is available
    • All of the sump pans are fabricated and assembled on modern state of the art precision laser cutting equipment resulting in a perfect fit, EVERY TIME.
    • Due to this feature, field modifications are not required to the actual sump pans or roof drains such as metal cutting, welding or reframing of the roof joists.  As such, this becomes a SUPER time saver and will can increase jobsite production while reducing labor costs.

JR Smith 148 Roof Drain & Overflow Features... 

JR Smith 148 roof drain & overflow, is comprised of the primary and overflow roof drains combined into one convenient and easy to install unit. Both of the roof drains have bottom outlets in 2′ – 4″ pipe sizes. The part numbers are 148-Y02, 148Y03 and 148Y04.

 Each of the cast iron roof drain bowls are 8-1/2″ in diameter and include a protective gravel stop/membrane clamp (flashing ring), the purpose of which is to compress the membrane and make a water tight seal and help to prevent gravel from entering the roof drain.

Also included are two domes or leaf grates as they are also referred to. These prevent debris from entering the roof drains. Both of the roof drains have a corrosion resistant Duco coating to help guard against rust and corrosion. 

JR Smith 148 Roof Drain Installation Video

The purpose of this video is to show how using roof drain sump pans can prevent standing rainwater on a flat roof and the resulting extensive roof damage that often occurs.

The video illustrates how a roof drain sump pan can accomplish this by lowering the roof drains. The exact steps taken are not shown. What is shown is the condition of the roof and it’s condition after the completion of the work.  This clearly shows the positive effect that roof drain sump pans can have on a flat roof.

Going forward, new tech videos will be released that will clearly show the installation process. As such, be sure to like, subscribe and click the little bell icon and you will be automatically notified.


Check out these upgrades...

    • Higher grades of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
    • Powder coating, painting or rubberized undercoating
    • Via special order.
    • If you will be using plastic or steel pipe, it is recommended to use specialized couplings as they transition from cast iron (on the roof drain) to plastic or steel pipe.
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