Jay R. Smith 1010 Roof Drain – 15.25″ bowl size


Jay R. Smith 1010 Roof Drain includes:

  1. no-hub connection, gravel stop / membrane clamp or flashing clamp
  2. Corrosion resistant duco coating
  3. Cast iron dome or leaf grate

Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain 

The Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain features include:

  • The roof drain diameter is 15.25 inches.
  • The pipe outlet sizes that are available are from 2″ to 10″ pipe diameter. This dimension applies to the inside pipe dimension.
  • The pipe connection options are: no-hub connection, threaded connections, and caulked.
  • Cast iron dome and membrane clamp

While the spec sheet shows the bottom and side outlet roof drains, this page addresses the bottom outlet version only with the no-hub connection for the Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain. This versatile roof drain has numerous variations and optional materials such as various metal options such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  Click on the spec sheet to download and review.

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Installation Application for the Jay R. Smith 1010 Roof Drain

Use the Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain for large roof surfaces such as commercial, industrial and institutional applications

Available in 2″ – 10″ pipe size


The Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain is intended to be used on commercial, industrial and institutional projects.  

To accommodate these applications, The Jay R. Smith company provides a wide range of variations for the Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain products that will serve nearly every roof drain installation requirement.

This would include pipe sizes, outlet types, optional metals, roof thickness or depth, drain anchoring components, drain pans etc.  See the spec sheet below for details. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of the installation process use these two resources:

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See how to install the Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain on a commercial roof

This video shows the Jay R. Smith 1010 roof drain in the bottom outlet, no-hub configuration.  It was installed using a sump pan which was intended to lower the roof drain on a wood framed commercial building.  This merely one instance of the many installation options available with this roof drain.

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