JR Smith 1330 Roof Drain-8-1/2″ bowl


Jay R. Smith 1330 Roof Drain

  •  JR Smith 1330, bottom outlet, 8.5″ diameter cast iron roof drain in 2″ – 4″ pipe size, no-hub connection

The Jay R Smith 1340 roof drain is primarily used in residential and light commercial applications  The 8-1/2″ bowl makes it an excellent choice for installing on flat roofs with a smaller surface area.

It is generally installed where the joists are 16″ on center minimum.

Jay R Smith 1330 Roof Drain / SSP roof drain pan

Jay R. Smith 1330 Roof Drain

shown with the optional roof drain sump pan


  • model # 1330
  • 8-1/2″ cast iron bowl, membrane clamp/gravel guard and dome.
  • No-hub bottom outlet connection
  • Pipe sizes are 2′ –  4″
  • OPTION: buy the ready to install kit and get a FREE no-hub coupling and hardware pack. See below

Here Are Some Useful Roof Drain Installation Tips

  1. The sump receiver does not lower your roof drain below the deck and may cause it to sit slightly higher. This is not a problem if the roofing is sufficiently thick, as in the case of an insulated roof. (or 1″ or more). If not, you run the risk of causing heavy ponding rainwater.
  2. Pressure test and flow test the entire installation for at least 15 minutes after installation.
  3. To get more information on the full installation procedure visit the “HOW TO INSTALL A ROOF DRAIN” page
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