LSP Roof Drain Sump Pan 3 Piece Kit – SAVE 95% on shipping


  • The LSP roof drain sump pan 3 piece kit includes three laser fabricated pans fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet metal
  • OPTIONAL: add a roof drain and get 1 no-hub coupling and hardware FREE see here LSP full kit
  • Save up to 95% and 40% on freight shipments
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LSP Roof Drain Sump Pan 3 Piece Kit

Thank you for visiting our shopping cart!  When you purchase a LSP roof drain sump pan 3 piece kit, you can lower your roof drain in record time! No need to build cumbersome, labor intensive wood sump boxes while on the jobsite. The sleek, modern, state of the art, prefabricated sump pan will SAVE hours of installation time.

Here are some features:

  • There is no need to field modify LSP roof drain sump pan such as metal cutting or welding in an effort to make the parts fit.
  • Each roof drain pan will fit between joists that are 24″ on center.
  • Each pan is produced on modern laser cutting machines which results in superior quality construction
  • Use this kit for commercial, industrial and institutional projects with large square footage of roof surface.
  • Use the Zurn or Jay R. Smith 15″ cast iron roof drains. Models Zurn ZC100 and Jay R. Smith 1010. 
  • Spot welded joints provide added strength and rigidity
  • LSP roof drain sump pan accepts bottom outlet roof drains only
  • The underdeck clamp is not required but may be added if desired
  • Easily adaptable to new construction or retrofit applications
  • Looking for technical data such as specs, drawings etc.   GO HERE  
  • Need installation info?   GO HERE

Once you use LSP roof drain sump pan roof drainage system, we think you will like the quality and ease of installation and hope you will visit us again!  Please leave a comment


Having a prefabricated drain pan takes the effort out

 of what is the expensive task of having to build a wooden sump box while on the on the job. New construction may be an exception however wood products continue to rise in cost. The metal sump pan represents “new technology”, replacing the old.

The roof drain installation video contains valuable information on how to install your products. Should you have any questions, please call our tech support line at 949 297-8689, PST. USA

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