Zurn 15″ roof drain


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Zurn 15″ roof drain in the bottom outlet version

The Zurn 15″ roof drain comes standard with a cast iron bowl and membrane clamp. Other features include:

  • cast iron or plastic domes (plastic is not approved in CA)
  • No-hub or threaded pipe connection
  • Basic pipe sizes are 2′ – 6″ standard. Call for larger sizes.
  • Bottom and side outlets

What is the difference between a roof drain receiver and a roof drain sump pan?

It is the flat metal pan that holds the Zurn 15″ roof drain in place w3hen attached on the flat roof.

  • You have the choice of a sump pan, a deck plate or sump receiver. See the product pictures
    • a roof drain sump pan lowers the roof drain below the roof level 2″. It eliminates future ponding issues.
    • The deck plate is likewise mounted to the deck but does not lower the roof drain. It does not require an underdeck clamp.
    • sump receiver does not lower the roof drain and mounts it at deck level. It requires another accessory called an underdeck clamp


Model LSP roof drain sump pan is designed to lower or sump a 15" cast Iron roof drain
Superior grade model LSP roof drain sump pan
roof drain sump receiver
Roof Drain Sump Receiver







What is the difference between the no-hub and threaded connections? 

  • The no-hub connection uses a no-hub coupling to join the pieces on the exterior of the pipe.The threaded connection has threads on the INSIDE of the roof drain outlet. It will receive the threaded end of a steel pipe or an ABS or PVC male adapter.
threaded side outlet roof drain
threaded side outlet roof drain
standard grade no-hub couplings
standard grade no-hub couplings

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in
Pipe size

2, 3, 4




plastic, cast iron


sump pan, deck plate, underdeck clamp


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