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All Tech Plumbing has been providing our clients with excellent roof drain installation and service work for 25 years in So. California, USA.

* We're experts at solving flat roof drainage problems on nearly any flat roof whether a residential project, downtown high rise building or any size project in between. Projects we have worked on include USC, Cal State and Toyota to name just a few
* Construction professionals in So Cal rely on us for our expert roof drain installation services and for the custom fabricated sump pan system that we invented and patented. This system will permanently prevent standing rainwater on ANY flat roof and eliminate expensive flat roof repairs related to this issue.

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Roof Drain Replacements

Replacing or upgrading your roof drains can save thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Further, installing high quality sump pans will lower the roof drain and prevent standing rainwater on the flat roof, the main cause of roof damage. However, that's only if the work is done right.

Experience and product knowledge

Installing new roof drains is one thing as there are no existing materials to be removed. Replacing roof drains is another matter entirely as the installer has fit new materials into the existing drainage configuration.

This task requires a higher level of experience and expertise and should only be undertaken by a contractor with proven skill with this type of work. Failure to do so could result in extensive property damage.

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All Tech Plumbing are the experts at roof drain replacement projects. We expertly install new roof drains with our custom sump pans that will prevent flat roof water damage for the life of your roof and provide you with years of trouble free service

New Roof Drain Installations

Many flat roofs lack a sufficient number of roof drains for a variety of reasons. This situation can result in large pools of standing rain water forming which can destroy the flat roof and cause extensive water damage

  • The experts at All Tech Plumbing will install new roof drains on any flat roof using our state of the art custom fabricated sump pans. 
  • This roof drain assembly is designed to lower the roof drain and prevent standing rainwater and unnecessary and expensive flat roof repair.
  • Preventing standing rainwater will also protect your roof warranty
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We use top notch roof drain products by the leading drain manufacturers

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Check out our completed Roof Drain Projects

Scroll through the projects and you can see the projects completed by All Tech Plumbing. These are just a few of many hundreds of projects we have completed over a 30 year span. 

Roof Drain Cleaning

When roof drains get clogged with debris that cannot be easily removed, it's time to call the pro's

  • Clogged roof drain pipes will cause rain water to back up on a flat roof and form large pools of standing water. The pools of standing rainwater are the #1 cause of expensive flat roof damage.
  • Stoppages can occur in the roof drainage piping system that is within the building or the piping that is installed outside the building, and above or below grade. 
  • All Tech Plumbing will handle all aspects of the roof drainage system

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Roof Drainage System Inspection & Certification

Our roof drain pre-testing and post-testing service is performed before the start of a flat roof replacement project and after it's completion. This testing procedure checks for stoppages and defects in the plumbing system and the results can be certified. This service is generally performed with roofing consultants and their clients on government roofing projects but can be performed on private roofing projects as well.  

Video Pipe Inspection

Here is modern technology applied to the plumbing trade. Using our color camera we are able to inspect any piping, whether above or below ground, piping for defects before we ever break concrete or lift a shovel. Then using a state of the art locator, we precisely determine the depth. This results in major cost savings for our clients

Concrete Coring

A Definite Must!  This is vital service applies to our projects where the building has concrete or cinderblock walls and the new roof drain pipes need to pass through the wall and get connected to the roof drains

Concrete Scanning

We scan the concrete prior to core cutting the surface. This checks for embedded items electronically and avoids cutting important structural items or electrical conduit.

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Step 1: Get a FREE Budget Estimate

This service applies to visitors in the So. Calif, USA area 

  1. Send us an email with the project address and any particulars you would like to include.
  2. Go here
  3. We will provide a budget estimate for the project and let you know whether roof drains are a viable solution. 
  4. It is helpful to provide photos and to indicate the interior and exterior access to the area under the roof drains. Our response time is usually 1 day or less. 

Step 2: Onsite Plumbing Consultation, So Calif USA

If the budget estimate looks good, schedule an onsite inspection and evaluation. We’ll determine the best course of action and a quote for this service. Once completed, we’ll provide an exact quote for the work where possible. 

DISCLAIMER: All Tech Plumbing is a plumbing contractor in California, USA and not a licensed architect or engineer or designer.  As such, the information will address the plumbing aspect of the project and the results provided should be reviewed by competent individuals mentioned. However, as the originators of the products on Custom Roof Drain Pans Co website and are a licensed contractor, we have extensive knowledge on their practical usage in the field. Further the solutions are based on the plumbing code concepts.   

Step 3: Online Consultation - applies to online visitors

If you have contacted us online and you need help planning or modifying your roof drainage system how these products will adapt to your project, please do the following: 

  1. Email the project address along with any documents such as blueprints, plans, drawings, sketches, photos etc. These can be uploaded on our contact page on the website. 
  2. We will review the situation and provide an estimate for the consultation costs.  
  3. The service does not address roofing materials or waterproofing tech but rather applies to the plumbing aspect of the work and how it related to the above.    

Call or email to get your budget price or consultation

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