Roof Drain Pan LSP - Standard Version

What is meant by Roof Drain Pan LSP standard version?

Roof Drain Pan LSP standard version means that the sump pan is designed to accept a 15″ bottom outlet roof drain only.  This is opposed to the  Roof Drain Pan LSP modified version which accepts the side outlet roof drain. 

Both roof drain pans accept the roof drains in 2″ to 8″ pipe sizes without any modifications to the pan or drain. Both are available in no hub and threaded outlet configurations. 


Roof Drain Pan LSP shown in the various stages of installation

Take all of the effort out of sumping your roof drains!

Roof drain pan LSP superior grade installation kit takes all of the effort out of sumping a large Zurn 15″ cast iron Z100 roof drain. The first time you use this roof drainage system, you will be amazed at how quickly the components are assembled and how easily they are installed in the flat roof. Building a wood sump box would easily take an hour or more and is wasted production time when you consider this assembly takes 10 minutes. You have to install this assembly to appreciate how fast and easy the installation is.

The entire roof drainage system fits between joists that are 24″ on center WITH NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED!  This is a MAJOR time saver for any contractor on a production schedule. The days of building a cumbersome. labor and material intensive wood “sump box” are over. 

This unique roof drain installation kit is primarily designed to be used on  larger roofs such as commercial, industrial and institutional applications where the joist span is wide and the flat roof surface is large.

How does it compare to similar products?

LSP Roof drain pan stands alone. There isn’t another sump pan on the market that can sump a 15″ primary cast iron Zurn roof drain as FAST and EASY as LSP roof drain pan. Similar “sump pans” DO NOT sump the roof drain despite being called sump pans. 

Model LSP superior grade roof drain sump pan-standard
Competitors sump receiver

Why do contractors,architects,& engineers use LSP roof drain pan

Engineers reviewing plans for the roof drain installation process


The “not so old” saying, TIME IS MONEY was never more true than in the construction business. Schedules, deadlines, down time, labor and material costs etc.

This unique, prefabricated and ready-to-install flat roof drainage system will increase production and reduce labor costs, a WIN WIN situation. 

Choose Your Roof Drain Pan Kit

  • The ready to install kit includes the sump pan, roof drain, standard grade no hub coupling and hardware pack.
  • You may be able to purchase your roof drains locally and save shipping costs 

Roof Drain Sump Pan LSP $155.00

Superior grade model SSP roof drain sump pan

Roof Drain Pan LSP Kit $299.00

Model LSP superior grade roof drain sump pan-standard

FREE shipping special Up to $85.00 value per kit

Options and Upgrades

Zurn Z100 primary cast iron roof drain, flat roof drain,roof drains

Larger pipe sizes

option 1
  • from 6" to 10" pipe size
  • no hub and threaded outlets
  • 100 % cast iron parts
  • prices vary. Call for a quote

Premium Coupling

option 2
$ 12
  • use this style coupling when you are going from cast iron (the roof drain) to plastic or steel.
  • sizes from 2" to 10"
  • stainless steel shield and bands
  • prices vary according to size
Premium grade

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