Model SCP roof drain sump pan and Frank Pattern 850-4 roof drain and overflow

How Does It Stack Up to The Competition?

Roof drain pan SCP kit is designed to lower your double 8-1/2″ combination roof drain and overflow 2″ below the roof surface which effectively makes it the lowest point on the flat roof.  Gravity then pushes the water into the roof drain and is conveyed to a terminal location.

Further, using the outdated method of building a wood sump box for the sump pan and roof drain is a labor intensive task and a major waste of time when you have prefabricated pan ready to install. It is ultimately more expensive than this roof drainage system as shown. You should be able to install this system in 15 minutes.

The roof drainage system shown is priced at around $325.00 plus shipping. All components shown are shipped along with the hardware kit.

Your local supplier may have the roof drain and overflow available locally which will save you the cost of shipping. The majority of the weight of the kit is in the roof drain.

Also, since this sump pan accepts three separate roof drain brands, you have a better chance of finding your roof drain locally. 

The roof drain pan SCP kit accepts the Frank Pattern roof drain, Jay R. Smith roof drain and the Zurn roof drain

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The double roof drain sump receiver

The roof drain sump receiver is a standard drain pan that is sold with combination the roof drains shown. It is designed to mount the roof drains at deck height.

roof drain and overfow, sump receiver

The combination roof drain and overflow and sump pan shown do not  lower or “sump” either of the roof drains. 

Internet pricing for this set up is $380.00 to $405.00 + shipping + the labor and materials needed to build the wood sump box. Add another $100.00 to that cost. This build can take two hours. 

Check out this roof drain installation project. See what this product looks like when installed

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