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Roof Drain Pan SCP Product Purpose

  • The totally unique and one-of-a-kind design of roof drain pan model SCP (modified) allows you to use side outlet roof drains rather than the one piece combination bottom outlet roof drain that is used on the standard sump pan.
  • This is an absolute MUST when your installation there is limited space.

Roof Drain Pan SCP Description

  • It fits between joists that are 16″ on center without  any modifications.
  • Lowers or “sumps” the roof drains 2″ below the flat roof.
  • High tech laser fabrication resulting in precise dimensions and exact fitment!
  • Fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized or stainless steel.
  • The outside sump pan dimension is 34-1/2″ x 26″ x 2″ deep. The sump area adds to the surface area of both, thereby increasing drainage capacity.  

Which Roof Drains Do You Use?

Benefits from using roof drain pan SCP modified...

  • Sumping a roof drain is vital if you want to maximize your roof drains potential and eliminate standing water on your flat roof. 
  • INCREASED SURFACE AREA DRAINAGE: The physical drainage area of the “sump” adds to the bowl areas of both of the roof drains and combine to improve flat roof drainage. This is not the case with other sump pans on the market.
  • PLUMBING CODE COMPLIANCE: The overflow roof drain sits two inches higher than the primary per plumbing code requirements. The overflow must be plumbed separately from the primary roof drain as it acts as a fail safe mechanism should the primary drain become plugged. There should never be more than 2″ of standing rainwater on a flat roof.
  • IMPROVED RAINWATER CONVEYANCE: Each roof drain, less the area of the sump pan, can drain up to 110 gallons per minute of rainwater and serve a roof area of 5,300 square feet. This is based on a 4″ pipe at 1/4″ drop per foot at 2″ per hour of rainfall. (ref 2015 Uniform plumbing code.)  When you add the enormous sump area, the drainage efficiency is greatly increased.

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This versatile sump pan can be installed on a wood, metal or concrete roof without extensive modification to the roof, the sump pan or the roof drain, with the exception of model LCP. 

Model SCP roof drain pan also sumps the Frank Pattern single roof drains in the side outlet version when space is limited.

Installation is FAST and Easy

This roof drain installation video shows an actual project where SCP roof drain pan was used.

Once installed, the ponding rainwater was completely eliminated. This drain system can be installed by the novice and professional alike. 

Roof drain pan SCP is sold as a ready-to-install kit. These main components are included:

If you would like more installation information prior to your purchase

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