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This unique SSP roof drain pan is ideally suited to residential and light commercial applications. The Frank Pattern and Jay R. Smith brand of single roof drains fit this sump pan.  These two quality major product manufacturers are available for purchase throughout North America. 

bottom outlet style
When complete
Water proofing complete
Side Outlet
Used when space is minimal

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Choose Your Sump Pan Kit

Superior grade model SSP roof drain sump pan

SSP Pans

10 kits to choose from
$ 99
  • Buy sump pans only 
  • Save 90% on shipping               
  • Many kits to choose from
custom roof drain pans. Model SSP roof drain sump pan sumps the Frank Pattern 853n bottom outlet roof drain and side outlet roof drain.

SSP Pan Kits

bottom outlet drain
$ 169
  • sump pans
  • bottom outlet roof drains
  • hardware
Roof Drain Pans Co model SSP roof drain sump pan sumps the Frank Pattern bottom and side outlet roof drain.

SSP Pan Kits

side outlet drain
$ 199
  • sump pans
  • bottom outlet roof drains
  • hardware

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When should you use SSP sump pan?

Use SSP sump pan when you using a single small flat roof drain.  You have the choice of a bottom or side outlet roof drain. 

Bottom or side outlet:

    • You must have joists that are 16″ on center and you have 14″ of horizontal clear space between the joists. 

Roof Drain Pan SSP - How To Install This System In 15 minutes!

You increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs! Watch the video and see for yourself.
  • If the entire assembly takes more than 15 minutes to install, then it’s too long. 
  • Building a wood “sump box” is laborious and ultimately expensive.
  • Having the prefabricated sump pan and the roof drain ready to install takes the effort out of the installation project. 
  • Check out the video.

SSP sump pan vs. competitors

Cost breakdown

  • Competitors “sump receiver” is not designed to lower a roof drain
  • Internet pricing for the bottom outlet drain assembly ranges from $195.00 to $250.00 plus shipping
  • Once purchased, you will have to build a wood box. Add another $100.00 for labor and materials. Totals of $295.00 – $350.00!
  • Want to use a side outlet roof drain? Now you have to buy a separate sump pan. The side outlet drain assembly:  $250.00 to $300.00 plus shipping plus the cost of building a wood sump box for a total of $350.00 – $400.00! 

SSP drain pan is totally designed to:

  • sump an 8-1/2″ cast iron roof drain for both bottom and side outlet configuration. 
  • No need to buy a second sump pan!
  • No need to build a wood sump box!
  • No roof modifications are required

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