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Frank Pattern 850-N combination roof drain and model SCP roof drain sump pan
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SSP Roof Drain Sump Pan Product Overview

Here is a walk-through of how to install the SSP roof drain sump pan and an 8-1/2" diameter roof drain. The diameter refers to the bowl dimension. With this unique system, you have the option of using a variety of roof drains to suit your needs. The sump feature lowers the drain and will dramatically increase drainage efficiency while eliminating standing rainwater. This is not a feature that is engineered into other similar products

How To Install the SSP Roof Drain Sump Pan

This video demonstrates how the sump pan and roof drain are encapsulated with the water proofing membrane, in this case roofing material. Note that this is a general description and each project is unique. 

This video demonstrates the basic installation procedure for the SSP sump pan and roof drain. The roof drain is automatically lowed which eliminates standing rainwater which is the cause of expensive flat roof damage. .  

When Should You Use Roof Drain Sump Pan SSP?

Use the SSP roof drain sump pan when you have at least 14" of clear space between your roof rafters. This generally means that they are 16" on center.

Model roof drain pan SSP is designed for residential and light commercial applications. Examples include residential, such as a garage,  or a small commercial project such as a restaurant, condo, church or any similar building.  The cast iron roof drains are nearly bulletproof and will provide years of trouble-free service. 

Get Product Info... these roof drains fit the SSP roof drain sump pan along with commonly used accessories and replacement parts

SSP Pan Kits 

roof drain pan, roof drain sump pan, flat roof drain

Frank Pattern Roof Drain

Frank Pattern Roof Drain, Bottom Outlet

Frank Pattern Side Outlet Roof Drain

Frank Pattern Side Outlet Flat Roof Drain

Jay R Smith 110 Roof Drain 

Jay R. Smith 110 roof drain

JR Smith 1340 side outlet roof drain

Jay R Smith 1340 Roof Drain

Zurn Z125 roof drain

Zurn Z-125 roof drain

Vertical Space Requirements


Roof Drain Accessories

Frank Pattern Membrane Clamp

Frank Pattern Membrane ClampRing

Frank Pattern Cast Iron Dome

Frank Pattern dome strainer

Frank Pattern Water Dam

Frank Pattern 8-1/2" x 2" water dam

Specialty No Hub Couplings

specialty no hub coupling

Choose Your Preferred SSP Roof Drain Pan Kit

Take Your Choice...Buy the sump pans kits only and supply your own roof drains or get the ready-to-install kit. Fast shipping to your home, office or jobsite. Get discounts on quantity purchases


  • Jay R. Smith 8-1/2″ roof drain with the sump receiver and underdeck clamp, at $260.00.
  • Jay R. Smith 8-1/2″ roof drain with the deck plate $260.00. Neither will lower the roof drain
  • Compared to the Jay R. Smith 110 kit (on this site priced around the $200.00 and WILL lower the roof drain 

Need assistance with design, planning or debug of your project?

Designing a roof drainage system
    • our online consulting service can assist   
    • Upload your specs / plans / drawings / photos. We’ll review the documents and provide you with an estimate and set up an appt. for phone call
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