SSP Roof Drain Pan Description

Model SSP roof drain pan is uniquely designed to "sump" or lower the 8-1/2" (flange dimension) bottom or side outlet cast iron roof drains 2" below the deck and restores positive drainage to the flat roof, a vital necessity for ANY roof drainage system

It effectively eliminates the labor and material intensive task of building wood sump boxes on the jobsite. This prefabricated sump pan installs in minutes which increases production time while reducing labor costs.  A MAJOR PLUS on any project! 

When Should You Use Roof Drain Sump Pan SSP?

Model roof drain pan SSP is designed for residential and light commercial applications

Examples of such installations are residential, such as a garage,  or for a small commercial project such as a restaurant, condo, church or any similar building.  The cast iron roof drains are nearly bulletproof and have cast iron domes rather than plastic.  


SSP roof drain pans are used on flat roofs that have a smaller smaller footprint or square footage. The smaller bowl and pan are ideal for installation on smaller roof surfaces that do not have the drainage demand for a large 15 or 16″ roof drain.  For this reason it can be a very cost effective solution.   

Use this roof drain installation kit when you have 14″ of clear space between your roof joists horizontally.  Additionally, you should have about 15″ of vertical clearance. For detailed information on how to install a roof drain visit our installation page and watch the video below. 

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SSP Roof Drain Sump Pan Kits

Frank Pattern Roof Drain & Pan Kit

Smith 110 Series Roof Drain & Pan Kit

Jay R. Smith 1340 Roof Drain 360 Pan Kit

JR Smith 1340 Roof Drain and model SSP roof drain sump Pan Kit

Zurn Z-125 Roof Drain & Sump Pan Kit

Zurn ZC125 cast iron 8-1/2" roof drain and SSP sump pan

Roof drain pan SSP sump pan accepts several different roof drain brands

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  • Use your favorite roof drain brand
  • The installation process is FAST and EASY and takes about 15 minutes
  • The entire bolt-together roof drain assembly will fit between joists that are 16″ on center with NO MODIFICATIONS. This is a major time SAVER for contractors and builders
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications with wood, metal and concrete decks


Designing a roof drainage system
  • Jay R. Smith 8-1/2″ roof drain with the sump receiver and underdeck clamp, at $260.00.
  • Jay R. Smith 8-1/2″ roof drain with the deck plate $260.00. Neither will lower the roof drain
  • Compared to the Jay R. Smith 110 kit (on this site) at $225.00. 
  • Send us your specs/plans/drawings. We’re plumbing contractors and may be able to assist. 
  • Visit our installation page, blog or FAQ pages for technical info
  • Call and speak to our trained techs. 
  • M – F, 8 am to 5 pm, PST Calif USA. 

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