How To Use SCP Roof Drain Sump Pan

SCP roof drain sump pan, an industry first design by Custom Roof Drain Pans Co., is one of our most versatile products in our sump pan series. It is specifically engineered to "sump" or lower bottom and side outlet combination roof drain in a variety of configurations!

Here are the unique features that set it apart from any other drain pan on the market...

  1. It sumps the roof drain 2″ below the roof deck and prevents standing rainwater
  2. Fast and EASY installation – 10 to 15 minutes. NO MORE WOOD BOXES!
  3. Easily adaptable to field conditions with various installation configurations
  4. Uses different roof drain brands – choose your favorite manufacturer 
  5. Perfectly adapted for retrofit applications or new construction

See Which Roof Drain Configuration Works Best On Your Project...

1) Bottom outlet configuration - 16" and 24" joists

Frank Pattern roof drain and overflow, SCP roof drain sump pan
roof drain installation, combination roof drain, roof drain sump pan

2) Side outlet roof drain configurations for joists that are 16" on center minimum

This section applies when you have limited space between the roof and ceiling and need to use a side outlet roof drain. The side outlet roof drain incorporates the 90 degree bend into the drain body, thereby requiring less vertical installation space.

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Pipe runs parallel to the joists -

  • 90 degree adjustment

This photo shows the double pan rather than two single pans but it demonstrates what the final installation looks like 

3) Side outlet roof drain configurations for joists that are 24" on center minimum

This configuration can also be used when installation space is minimum. With the joists at 24" minimum spacing, you have ample space to configure your pipe runs in almost any direction. This versatility becomes useful when you need to maneuver around objects such as electrical fixtures, conduit, mechanical ducting etc. in the joist bay.

Here a few features and benefits for these products:

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