When Should You Use SCP Roof Drain Pan ?

Use SCP roof drain pan when you need to add an overflow roof drain to the primary roof drain. 

  • When you have at least 14″ of clear space between the joists minimum 
  • You should have approx 15″ of vertical space below the roof drain.
  • See the sketch
roof drain pan detail - space requirements for the Frank Pattern roof drain
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Roof Drain Pan SCP
Roof drain pan SCP in the rough-in stage of installation. The sump pan was anchored to the joists with six perimeter screws.
Light duty combination roof drain
The bottom view shows the bottom outlet version. The primary roof drain is on the left and the overflow on the right. Four inch cast iron pipe was used with standard no-hub couplings.
Rough-in roof drain
Roof drain pan SCP lowered this roof drain 2' below the roof drain quickly and easily. The sturdy 18 gauge steel pan fits perfectly between joists that are 16" on center. The sump pan flanges sit flat on the wood deck.
Roof Drain Pan SCP
The finished product. More custom work was done to this installation however it demonstrates that these roof drains are the lowest point on the roof. Standing eainwater eliminated FOEVER!!

SCP Roof Drain Pan

Model SCP roof drain sump pan is designed to lower or sump the Frank Pattern™ Cast Iron Combination 8 1/2″ Diameter Roof Drain
  • The versatile design of SCP roof drain pan accepts the Frank Pattern, Zurn and Jay R. Smith light commercial combination roof drains.
  • The sump pan’s dimensions are 34-1/2″ L x 26″ W x 2″ deep
  • The sump dimensions are 19.2 ” L x 10.65″ W x 2″ deep.
  • The flange dimensions are 6.271″ on each side
  • It is fabricated from stout 18 gauge galvanized steel on modern laser fabrication machines  

Combination Roof Drain and Overflow

Combination roof drain and overflow flat roof drain
  • All of the roof drain brands mentioned above have two 8-1/2″ diameter roof drains attached to the one piece base.
  • The Frank Pattern model is 850-N, the Zurn model RD130 and the Jay R. Smith drain model 148 fit this sump pan.
  • They are available in 2″- 4″ bottom outlet pipe sizes, no-hub connection.  
  • Each roof drain has a cast iron membrane clamp (flashing ring) which compresses to make a water tight seal
  • Each roof drain has a dome or leaf grate that prevents debris from entering the roof drain. It twist locks into the membrane clamp. It is 5-1/2″ high
  • The overflow roof drain has an internal water dam that extends two inches above the roof surface. This complies with the current Uniform plumbing code requirements. 

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Roof Drain Installation Project

  • This roof drain installation video shows before and after images of a commercial project on a wood framed roof.  
  • This system can be installed in 10 minutes on a wood framed roof, a fraction of the time it would take to build a wood sump box.  
  • Faster installation times means greater efficiency and faster production.
  • Standing rainwater was effectively eliminated and save the property owner thousands in future unnecessary repairs!

How To Install Your SCP Roof Drain Pan ...

  • Cut a hole for the sump or lowered part of the sump pan. That dimension is approx  14″ width x 23″ length. 
  • Set the roof drain in the sump pan .
  • Bolt the roof drain to the sump pan in six bolt holes around the perimeter of the roof drain. The hardware is included in your purchase. 
  • Set the roof drain assembly in the hole.   
  • The oblong holes on two of the four sides will automatically be positioned over your joists if they are 16″ on center. 
  • Anchor the sump pan to the joists with screws or nails of your choosing. It is recommended that you put a screw in each of the oblong holes. Not included in the kit. 
  • That’s it. Some installers prefer to “box in” the remaining two ends, meaning they install blocks on both ends between the joists. You can use the remaining oblong holes to achor the pan. 

How Does SCP Roof Drain Pan Standard Stack Up to The Competition?

Model SCP modified custom roof drain pans and Frank Pattern combination roof drain
  • Building a wood sump box for the sump pan and roof drain is a major waste of time
  • It is ultimately more expensive than a using a prefabricated sump pan. 
  • The combination roof drain and overflow and sump pan shown does not lower or “sump” either roof drain. 
  • Internet pricing for this set up is $380.00 to $405.00 + shipping + the labor and materials needed to build the wood sump box.
  • Est total is cost is $600.00. 

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