Model SCP "standard" roof drain pan

What does the “standard” in model SCP standard roof drain pan mean?

It refers to the fact that the sump pan is designed to sump the Frank Pattern/LSP Products combination roof drain in a bottom outlet configuration without making a single modification to the drains or the flat roof.  

The unique patented integral sump feature easily lowers both of the roof drains two inches below the flat roof deck surface making them the lowest point on the roof. 

SCP Standard Roof Drain Pan Project Samples

  • This highly versatile roof drain sump pan can be installed  on a wood, metal or concrete roof. without extensive modification to the sump pan or the roof.  
  • Accepts the Frank Pattern/LSP combination roof drain and overflow.

SCP Standard Roof Drain Pan is ready-to-install

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SCP Super Saver Pack

included in each pack:
$ 265
  • SAVE $34.00 per unit
Model SCP roof drain sump pan-standard is designed to lower or sump the Frank Pattern™ Cast Iron 8 1/2″ Diameter Combination Roof Drain and overflow

SCP Standard Sump Pan

included in each pack
$ 155
  • SAVE $40.00 per unit
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SCP Standard Roof Drain Pan Installation Video

  • Sumping this small comination roof drain and overflow has never been faster and easier.
  • This system can be installed in 10 minutes on a wood roof without much effort. 
  • Faster installation times means greater efficiency and faster production.
  • This roof drain installation video shows before and after images of a commercial project on a wood framed roof.  
  • Standing rainwater was effectively eliminated and save the property owner thousands in future unnecessary repairs!

How Does SCP Standard Roof Drain Pan Stack Up to The Competition?

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  • It’s multi-functional design accepts bottom and side outlet* roof drains. 
  • No need to buy a second sump pan!
  • *get more data  
  • The combination roof drain and overflow and sump pan shown does not lower or “sump” either roof drain. 
  • Internet pricing for this set up is $380.00 to $405.00 + shipping + the labor and materials needed to build the wood sump box.
  • Est total is cost is $600.00. 
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