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MODEL LCP Sump Pans and Jay R. Smith Roof Drain Kits

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  2. SHIPPING DISCOUNTS: The sump pans are bundled together in the same box on larger orders. This can save 50% – 90% on shipping costs. Call for details

  3. BUY YOUR ROOF DRAINS LOCALLY:  This can save you 100% on your shipping costs.  
  1. If your joists are 16″ on center and at least 15″ of vertical clearance, use SSP and SCP sump pans and related drains.
  2. If your joists are 24″ on center (minimum) and at least 15″ of vertical clearance, use LSP or LCP sump pans and related drains.
  3. If you have limited vertical space, use a side outlet roof drain.
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