Zurn ZC100/ZC100-89 Roof Drain + LCP Custom Sump Pan Kit


  • Includes (2) Zurn roof drains, (1) LCP roof drain sump pan. FREE – (2) standard grade no-hub couplings, 2 hardware kits valued up to $55.00 
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Zurn ZC100/ZC100-89 Roof Drain and LCP Pan Kit 

When Should You Use This Kit?

The Zurn ZC100/ZC100-89 roof drain and pan kit is best suited to large commercial, industrial and institutional applications where the roof joists are 24″ on center with a minimum of 22″ of clear space between them.

The roof drain kit is installed routinely on new construction projects which makes it an ideal choice for builders and real estate developers that choose to have their roof drains sumped or lowered with a blazing fast installation.  It saves hours of time that would normally be spent building wood boxes.

Likewise, service and repair plumbers find that it is easily adaptable to retrofit applications where roof drains are being replaced or upgraded, or where new roof drains are being added to an existing building.

LCP roof drain pan’s adaptability is excellent.  It is easily adapted and installed on all types of roofs from wood framed, to steel and concrete roofs without modification to either the sump pan or the roof drain. Further, it accepts different roof drain brands such as JR Smith 15″ roof drains up to 6″ pipe size and up to 8″ with Zurn ZC100 15″ roof drains. So, before starting your project, be sure to check your vertical clearances.   SPACE REQUIREMENTS

Zurn ZC-100-NH- Roof Drain:

  • 15″ diameter main roof drain, ZC=D.C.C.I. Body with Cast Iron Dome, NH=No-Hub connection
  • ENGINEERING SPECIFICATION: blue cast iron body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and low and low profile cast iron dome. NH No-Hub
  • Pipe sizes 2″ – 10″. The 8″ and 10″ drain requires a custom pan. Call us for details.
  • No-hub connection (for this kit). Other connection types are available. see the spec sheet.
  • see more options   ZC100 specs

Zurn ZC-100-NH- 89 overflow roof drain:

  • same dimensions as the ZC100 unit with the addition of a 2″ water dam, external or internal
  • the 8″ and 10″ pipe sizes do not fit the sump pan
  • ZC100-89

Model LCP roof drain sump pans:

  • Laser fabricated in 18 gauge galvanized steel.
  • The sump pan’s dimensions are 45.75″ L x 30.50″ W x 2-1/2″ deep.
  • The LCP roof drain pan is available in stainless steel and aluminum.

How To Install Your Roof Drain Kit

If this assembly takes more than 30 minutes to install, then it’s too long. The superior design effectively eliminates the need to build a wood “sump box” which is laborious and ultimately expensive. This is a major time saver 

Having the prefabricated roof drain assembly ready to install takes the effort out of the work.

This short video will show you before and after shots or the project.

The LCP roof drain sump pans are built around the concept of POSITIVE ROOF DRAINAGE. Unless your roof drains are the lowest point on the flat roof, you will have pools of standing rainwater or “negative” drainage. Positive roof drainage means (in this case) that the roof drain are lower than the flat roof.  Gravity then pushed the rainwater toward and into the roof drain. While this seems like a “given”, it doesn’t explain why so many roof drains are higher than the flat roof.

A sump pan is a FAST and EASY system to get positive drainage. It can prevent further ponding in addition to having many other benefits.

This feature automatically lowers your flat roof drain which eliminates the need to build a separate wood sump box. The wood box is a labor intensive process. When you add up the labor and materials required to build the wood box, the metal sump pan becomes a very cost effective solution.

For a deeper dive into the installation process, click here

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