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How to use the Frank Pattern side drains + SCP custom sump pan kit

This versatile side outlet roof drain kit is designed to be installed when there is limited space between the roof and ceiling. With joists 16" on center, the drains are opposed to each other. When the joists are 24" apart or more, each roof drain can be swiveled at 90 degree increments allowing for more directions.

Use this ready to install kit on residential and light commercial applications. It is ideally suited for retrofit applications but also works extremely well on new construction projects. It is installed seamlessly on concrete and metal roofs. Installation time is about 15 to 20 minutes (wood roofs)

Frank Pattern and SCP sump pan will allow you to lower or “sump” two side outlet roof drains and adjust their direction independently.  Further, the 2″ water dam will convert the second roof drain into an overflow to comply with the current Uniform Plumbing Code requirement and allows you to work in a limited access space.

The kit includes the main components needed to install and sump an 8-1/2″ cast iron combination roof drain in record time.  They are: (1) SCP sump pan, (2) Frank Pattern side outlet roof drains and (1) 2″ overflow dam, hardware kits and two FREE no-hub couplings, a value of up to $40.00. 

This unique roof drainage system eliminates the need to build wood labor intensive sump boxes, “old school technology”. This dramatically increases jobsite production while reducing labor costs. 

Frank Pattern Side Outlet Roof Drain

Frank Pattern Side Outlet Flat Roof Drain
  • Frank Pattern single roof drain-side outlet
  • Each roof drain has an 8-1/2″ diameter bowl and are available in 2″- 4″ outlet, no-hub pipe sizes.
  • Each roof drain has a combination protective gravel stop/membrane clamp (flashing ring) which compresses to make a water tight seal.
  • Both drains have a corrosion resistant Duco coating.
  • Each roof drain has a dome or leaf grate that prevents debris from entering the roof drain.
  • 100% cast iron construction.
  • Frank Pattern roof drain detail

Frank Pattern 2" Water Dam

Frank Pattern 8-1/2" x 2" water dam
  • To convert the Frank Pattern single roof drain into an overflow roof drain, simply unbolt the membrane clamp that comes standardly with the roof drain and bolt on the water dam in it’s place. No other modifications required. 
  • 100% cast iron construction
  • Complies with the UPC standard

SCP Roof Drain Sump Pan 

  • SCP roof drain sump pan is an industry FIRST as it accepts different roof drain brands, something no other sump pan does!
  • It will fit between joists that are 16″ on center, no modifications required.
  • They are fabricated from 18 gauge galvanized steel.
  • They are available in stainless steel, aluminum and various gauge material. (special order)
  • The sump pan dimensions are 34.5″ L x 26″ W x 2″ D.
  • The patented design incorporates the integral sump feature.
  • An underdeck clamp is not required but can be added if desired.
  • All of the sump pans are fabricated and assembled on modern state of the art precision laser cutting equipment resulting in a perfect fit, EVERY TIME.
  • There are no field modifications required to the sump pans or roof drains such as metal cutting or welding or reframing of the roof joists. A SUPER time saver that can increase jobsite production.

Using this unique part, you can convert model SCP sump pan to accept two independent side outlet roof drains, one primary and one overflow, rather than the one piece bottom outlet combination roof drain as seen in the adjacent tab.

Simply bolt the adapter plate to the sump pan and then you are ready to attach both roof drains. 

Frank Pattern roof drain kit upgrades

    • SUMP PAN:
      • Higher grades of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
      • Powder coating, painting or rubberized undercoating
      • Via special order.
      • If you will be using plastic or steel pipe, it is recommended to use specialized couplings as they transition from cast iron (on the roof drain) to plastic or steel pipe.
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